Corporate Google Ads Course - Step-By-Step Basic To Advance Guide

Google Ads Course Curriculum

“Creating values for your Business and Career”

  • Welcome To Corporate Google ADS Course

  • Message From Trainer

  • What is Google Ads?

  • Creating Your Google Ads Account

  • How to do keyword research

  • Getting started with search campaign

  • Search campaign settings – 1

  • Choosing Audience

  • Calculating Budget

  • Understanding About Bidding Strategy – Manual CPC

  • Bidding Strategy: Enhance CPC Bidding

  • Bidding Strategy: Target CPA

  • Bidding Strategy: Target ROAS

  • Bidding Strategy: Maximize Clicks

  • Bidding Strategy: Target Impression Share

  • Portfolio bid strategy

  • Creating Ad group – Understanding Keyword Match Types

  • Keyword Types: Phrase Match

  • Keyword Type: Exact Match

  • Keyword Type: Broad Match Keyword

  • Understanding about Ad Writing

  • Understanding Account hierarchy in Google Ads

  • Understanding about Extensions: Callout

  • Understanding Sitelink Extentions

  • Understanding Call Extension

  • Understanding Structured Snippet Entension

  • Understanding App Extension

  • Understanding Location Extension

  • Understanding Lead Form Extension

  • Understanding Drawer Navigation Menu

  • How to Schedule Ads

  • Granting User Access

  • Understanding Billing and Payment Methods

  • Remarketing With Google Ads

  • Understanding Conversion Tracking

  • Understanding Clickthrough rate(CTR)

  • Understanding Quality Score and Ad Rank

  • How To Link your Google Ads account with Google Analytics

  • Getting Started With Call Ads

  • Call Ads Continued..

  • Mobile App Promotion -I

  • Mobile App Promotion – II

  • Getting Started with Video Ads

  • Ad Format: Skippable In-Stream ads

  • Ad Format: Non Skippable In-Stream Ads

  • Ad Format: Outstream Ads

  • Ad Format: Discovery Ads

  • Ad Format: Masthread Ads

  • Video Ads Part – I

  • Video Ads Part – II

  • Getting Started with Display Ads Part- I

  • Display Ads Part -II

  • Shopping Ads – I

  • Shopping Ads – II

  • Shoppig Ads – III

  • Google Merchant Centre: Uploading Products

  • Step 1: Mindset and Step 2: Identifying your niche

  • Step 3: Approaching New Local And International Clients :

  • Next Steps : In Meeting With Clients And Closing The Deal

Creating Google Ads client management

  • Assessment

  • Next Steps

Darshan Sonar

Your Digital Marketing Coach

I am Darshan Sonar, happily married person Software Developer turned into Digital Marketing Coach. Passionate about training people “Practically” Digital Marketing concepts along with Business Development skills. Helping business achieving marketing automation with my digital marketing and software development experience. Founder Of Darshan Sonar Corporate Digital Marketing Training Institute. – Master the Science of Marketing (Darshan Sonar).

  • Mr.Darshan Sonar is the Managing Director of Xerces Infotech Pvt Ltd and Founder of Darshan Sonar Digital (Digital Marketing Course in Pune).
  • He holds a Degree in Computer Science and Engineering From Sinhgad Institute Pune.
  • He is a Google Certified Digital Marketer.
  • His passion for Digital Marketing has helped many companies in achieving their  Sales Targets.
  • He had educated students in Garware College Pune, about Digital Marketing and its career opportunities.
  • He has built a  “Corporate Platform” for Students and companies who are passionate to work in Digital Marketing Field by Launching Corporate Digital Marketing Courses in
  • He provides training in Digital marketing which has helped many Students/Entrepreneurs/Job seekers.
  • He has explained  “How to generate more leads a month effectively via Digital Marketing” in his Corporate Digital Marketing Course.
DSD: online google ads course


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Yes I will be adding more videos regularly as per Google Ads update and along with it few more case studies and best practices as time goes by.

Once you purchase this course, you will get lifetime access.

Yes, you will get a digital copy of the certificate. If you wish to avail the hard copy you can pay a small charge for the process to initiate and delivery to take place. You will have to complete all the lessons for the same.

Absolutely! This program takes you through a step-by-step process from basics to advance journey of Google Ads. The concept is going to be simple enough for you to implement. Remember, its all about practicing and executing things!!..

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Students – who want to become a Google Ads expert. Business owners – Want to take advantage of google advertising for their business. Marketing Professionals – who want to take step ahead in their career and also becoming google ads consultant. Freelances – who want to get new clients and satisfying them.


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Good Course. Very Helpful to understand and much information shared. Nice course and i recommend this course for all who wants to become Google Adwords advertiser 

P venkateshrao

Excellent sir. Your proper explanation is very good and I am very thankful sir for your guidance.

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Darshan sir is best Experienced & Energetic Corporate Experts for Digital Marketing. i learn lot from them,
i suggest to everyone to join this course & upgrade yourself with latest techniques of digital this pandemic i upgrade myself with the help of darshan sir…

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One of the Best Digital Marketing Courses Providing Company in Pune. I have Recently completed digital marketing course from Darshan sonar Digital marketing Institute. I am very satisfied with teaching and content which they provide in their Digital Marketing Course, I Highly Recommended to every one.

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I have Recently completed digital marketing course from Darshan sonar Digital marketing Institute. was great experience. Digital Marketing filed was very new for me, I was bit scare before coming in this filed, bunch of question was going in my mind but now let me tell you I m very Confident as I have the require skills, technique, and knowledge of digital marketing b’cz I Got The proper guidance from this institute. I m happy that I went into the right institution for learning Digital Marketing. Darshan Sir teaching method is amazing, he is Very supportive, skilled, co-operative and always ready to Help out…Thank You Sir.

krupa vaidya
I have completed my Digital Marketing Course at Darshan Sonar Digital. It was great experience with Institute. Darshan Sir not only teaches us about Digital Marketing but also he Motivates,Inspires and Shares his knowledge and Experience with us . Darshan sir is very friendly teacher who also support students to enhance their skills and extra knowledge to grow their business.This course helps me to generate leads to my business very easily.So I am very thankful to Darshan Sir for giving me such valuable knowledge in Digital Marketing.
Akshay Pisote
Learning digital marketing from darshan sir was great experience. It really helped me grab new clients and grow my business. Thanks a lot for guiding me in proper way!
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I will really promote DSD Corporate Digital Marketing Course from my heart and soul. In depth practical Knowledge and industrial experience of Mr. Darshan Sonar will definitely help to boost your sale of present business or even you want to start a new business I would suggest you to join his course for smoother client acquisition for your new venture. He is professional and have good knowledge to share.
All the BEST FOR HIS FUTURE Developements

mahendra sodmise